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RiteWay Foundations

Riteway Foundations has 7 sets of Durand Aluminum forms, one of the largest poured wall contractors in the Southeast, and provides complete turn-key service. Turn-key service is not a promise every contractor can promise and gives the customer the ability to have one company do all the work instead of haggling with many different companies who may only be out for themselves.

Durand Aluminum forms:

Durand aluminum forms are built to stand the test of time and easily considered the most "heavy duty" of its kind. Using Durand not only ensures a strong backbone to a structure, but it's also aesthetically pleasing. Durand heavy-duty aluminum forms, competitively priced every day, are more affordable even when compared to any competitor's light-duty forms that have decreased raw supply pricing.

Every Durand aluminum form includes compounds that are welded to the face sheet.

Durand forms possess:

  • 1/8" thick face sheets
  • Extruded 3/8" thick, beam-designed side rails
  • In-set face sheets
  • High strength cross-members with uniform 1/8" thick walls
  • Rivetless bushings locked into the side rails
  • 1/8" thick gussets which fully reinforce the corners
  • 3/8" thick end rails