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Grading and Hauling

If what you need falls under grading and hauling, Midway Grading and Flatwork is able to bring the best service possible to either your residential or commercial properties. Not only is the grading done to the highest possible quality, but the materials removed during the grading, and byproducts of the grading itself are hauled away without a trace left behind. There is a great deal that goes into grading property, and there is no room for error. This is not to be a worry for anyone who enlists the services of this company. All details in the areas of grading and hauling are handled by top-trained professionals who never leave the site finished until the customer is completely satisfied.

Residential Poured Foundation Slabs

When beginning the process of building a home to sell or for personal living space, the pouring of foundation slabs is literally the portion of the building process on which everything else rests. Since this is such a vital part of business of residential construction, any mistake in making sure the earth beneath is packed correctly or that the concrete poured settles to exact specifications could mean the difference between a home leaning over time or standing firm as it should for years to come.

Residential Poured Walls

Properly pouring residential walls can literally make or break the structure itself. If completed with second rate materials, or poured by a crew who are more interested in making money than doing a good job, there could be cracks that develop over time or leaks that create mold that, in some cases, may very well lead to fatal results to a family. Only the best not only promise to pour residential walls to the highest quality possible, but consider it a service that's expected of anyone who has been trusted to protect the integrity of a home's foundation.

Commercial Poured Slabs

As with residential projects, commercial-poured slabs are equally important in preventing a structure from leaning over time as it settles. If not done properly, in a few short years there could be costly projects to undertake such as reframing or even the demolition of the structure itself. When erecting a new building for commercial use, it's to bring in revenue for the owner. There is nothing gained, and only money lost, if a professional who treats every project as if it were their won is not employed from Day 1.

Driveways, Walkways, and Patios

Once tree roots begin to buckle and crack existing driveways or walkways, or whether these are to be freshly poured for the first time, it's crucial that the right team be called in to ensure the work is leveled and packed correctly. There is a great deal of curb appeal that goes with a professionally completed driveway or walkway that could also be a safety hazard for someone carrying an object that prevents them from seeing the ground immediately in front of them, or the elderly unable to traverse uneven pavement.

With patios there is also the issue of balance. When the concrete is poured to specifications only a professional with years of experience would possess, a patio retains its initial structural integrity. If a patio begins to settle in a manner that disturbs the construction done atop it, the entire project quickly becomes expensive to repair. Again, there is the possibility of harm to those unable to walk on uneven surfaces and decreases the value of a home if it ever goes on the market.

Be smart when it comes to the pouring of concrete with driveways, walkways, and patios by going with the best the first time.