Retaining Walls

We provide full-service basement, retaining, and reinforced concrete wall construction for residential home builders and commercial general contractors, ensuring successful performance and sound structural design.

Reinforced basement walls

Pond retaining walls and spillways

Poured-in-place concrete retaining walls

Poured-in place subwall structures

Footings & Foundations

Rite-Way Foundations provides complete foundation construction services to our customers.

Pier pads

Spread, stepped, and trench footings

Equipment foundations

Custom Flatwork

Rite-Way Foundations will work with you to develop custom flatwork solutions for your site needs, ranging from residential patios and walkways for homebuilders to concrete flooring and high-traffic commercial work.

Residential flatwork and concrete paving

Sidewalks, curbs, and gutters

Commercial flatwork and floors

Slabs on Grade

Rite-Way constructs and installs slabs on grade for residential and commercial projects, ensuring safe and effective construction on sites with low load-carrying ability, loose soil, and varied soil compressibility.

Supported slabs on grade

Monolithic slabs on grade

Turndowns & grade beams

Elevated Slabs

Rite-Way Foundations also specializes in the construction and reinforcement of elevated slabs.

Elevated slabs on metal decking

Formed elevated slabs

Box Culverts

Site Work & Demolition

Rite-Way provides in-house site work and demolition in order to offer our customers a turnkey solution for their grading and concrete needs. Rite-way will support your project from site clearing to final grade.

Grading and hauling


Clearing & cutting


Building foundations, the Rite-Way

We value our client’s time, bottom line, and need for trusted and experienced subcontractor partners. If you’re a contractor or engineer in need of experienced concrete work, sitework or demolition for your next project, reach out to our team.